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51st Place: The Meaning Behind the Name

51st Place: The Meaning Behind the Name

I bet you’re probably wondering what 51st Place means. Is it a ranking in a competition? The number of wedding dresses I tried on before choosing "The One"? Or maybe you just haven’t bothered to think about it all because you’re too busy browsing the list of products. But whatever it is, I figured you should know what the name means and why I chose it in the (fifty) first place. (Sorry, I’m corny and I couldn’t help myself!)

Long story short, 51st Place is the street in South Los Angeles that I, and the majority of my family, grew up on. In fact, I still have family that lives on the street and it’s truly the foundation for the love and support that we have for one another. When I was dreaming up what I wanted my brand to represent, the themes that I gravitated toward the most were love, integrity, and community. 51st Place embodied all of these things for me.

It is where I learned how to ride a bike and roller skate. Where I learned to cook in my grandmothers’ kitchens (yes, you read the plural words correctly – both my maternal and paternal sides of the family were on the same street only seven houses from each other!). It is from where I walked to and from my bus stop to school each day and where I played hundreds of games of hide-and-seek and freeze tag with my siblings and cousins. Most importantly, it is where I learned valuable life lessons about truthfulness and always doing the right thing. Though I may not live there physically, my heart will always reside there.

When I was thinking of what I wanted you to experience with our products, I knew that it needed to invoke those same emotions. Our homes are our sacred spaces – we fill the walls and rooms with our stories and our love. Not only that, our bodies are the homes for our souls and what we put into and on them should be the best. That is why I wanted only the best ingredients in our products.

51st Place is my home and I’m so happy to welcome you inside! I hope that you find your peace here and learn to put yourself first.

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